Nike Air Zoom GT Cut Performance Review


Traction required a bit of break-in time during indoor testing, but once the dust settled, things were pretty much a go. The grip held well and I had nothing but confidence in my movements, despite main sections of the outsole I tend to use featuring a flat traction surface. For whatever reason, the rubber just stuck to the floor.


Cushion is interesting as we have three layers of Nike’s various cushions directly under-foot.


The materials are all synthetic, and while that isn’t usually my cup of tea, I have zero complaints.


The Nike Air Zoom GT Cut fits true to size. They fit perfectly 1-to-1 and I have loved every minute in them. Wide footers should be okay as the materials used are very forgiving. Just give them a little break-in time if you’re maxing out the space internally and once things start to conform around your feet you should be good to go.


Support was solid for a shoe that is this lightweight. The TPU torsion bar did a good job keeping the midfoot rigid while the internal heel counter is quite strong. There is also a forefoot rubber/TPU brace that hugs the foot upon lateral movements ensuring you don’t roll off of the footbed and it did a perfect job containing without discomfort.


Overall, I love the Nike Air Zoom GT Cut. If you’re a Nike or nothing player, then these should suit you well. The best comparison to a previous Nike Basketball model would be the Nike Kobe 8 — but the GT Cut has an upper that I wish we had on the Kobe 8 at the time.



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